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Using my Mountain bike has helped me become a lot fitter!

Peep-o-Day Lane Closure

If you cycle in from Abingdon, we have received notification from the County Council of proposed cycle route improvements on a section of Peep-O-Day Lane, due to start in mid-October this year.

The works will be carried out on Peep-O-Day Lane between the access points to Thames Water Sewage Works and the Quarry. The works will include trimming back vegetation, re-surfacing the existing damaged path and installing luminescent/reflective discs along the edge of the path to provide low level lighting.

The duration of works will be approximately three weeks and this section of Peep-O-Day Lane will remain closed with signed diversion routes in place for equestrians/cyclists and pedestrians. Please see attached location and diversion plan for details (201120-SKA-TTM-RT3-DR-CH-0004-S0-Z0).

Campus Bike Rental

Harwell Campus have launched a Campus Bike scheme, where you can borrow a cycle, for free, to get around the Campus. The bike scheme is run by Bainton Bikes in Oxford through the Donkey Republic App.

You will need to download the Donkey Republic App and sign in with a credit / debit card although you won’t be charged for using the Campus Bikes for a period up to 48 hours.

Find out more here: Campus Bike Rental

Find out more about Donkey Republic here: Donkey Republic

HarBUG are pleased that this scheme has been launched, we have been asking for Campus cycles to be introduced for a while. This is also useful for users of the Science facilities on the Campus who have asked us in the past about cycle hire.


Wantage – Campus New Cycle Path

Update 2nd September – Please click here for the HarBUG response to Icknield Way Access Restrictions: HarBUG Response

Details of the consultation and maps can be found here: Icknield Way Access Restrictions (closes 13th September)

Don’t forget the Oxfordshire Cycle Survey 2019 consultation (closes 6th September).

As part of the new Wantage – Harwell Campus new cycle route, the County Council are proposing that on a section of the new route, motorised vehicles are prohibited.

The section in question is the Icknield Way from Newbury Road (from East Hendred) down to Ginge Brook Bridge and across to where it connects with the track to Ardington.

Details of the consultation and maps can be found here: Icknield Way Access Restrictions (closes 13th September)

The proposal for the new path is that this section is re-built with a compacted Limestone surface. We know from other routes in the area that this is fine to cycle on but is damaged by motorised vehicles use. Farm vehicles will still have access but recreational use will be banned e.g. motocross, 4 x 4 use.

Please respond to this consultation with your support as in a previous informal consultation there were many objections to the proposal. Please also don’t forget the Oxfordshire Cycle Survey 2019 consultation (closes 6th September)

Hit & Run on Campus

On Thursday 18th July there was a hit and run incident on the campus involving a  cyclist. A 17 year old female cyclist was cycling along Fermi Avenue at around 17:35 in-between the Little Stars Nursery and the beginning of the cycle path, which she was aiming to get on. A black Ford Fiesta overtook her, clipped her front wheel and knocked her off. The car did not stop.

Fortunately, the cyclists was not seriously injured, a wrenched shoulder, but is shook up. The incident has been reported to the Police.

If you saw this incident or know somebody who witnessed the incident please let HarBUG know at

It may be a one off but if you have had problems with a Black Fiesta driving aggressively towards cyclists on Campus or to and from work please also let us know – even better with a number plate.

We need to stick together to make sure this kind of driving is stopped.

Report of Aggressive Cyclist

HarBUG has also received a report about an aggressive cyclist in Steventon. A driver was overtaking the cyclists at around 08:25, giving plenty of space (according to the driver), before even starting to overtake the cyclist was shaking his fist and sounding a loud air horn.

We only have the drivers point of view so we cannot make a call if either or both were ‘out of order’ and we don’t know whether the cyclists was on his way to the Campus or a HarBUG member.

We all have encountered bad drivers with close passes and sometimes it justified to let the motorist know you are not happy but we should make sure we only do this when it is necessary.

Let’s keep cycling as the happy mode of transport.

Didcot Cycle Review

On the 1st June, a group of cyclists biked around Didcot and ‘Greater Didcot’ to review the current cycle infrastructure and proposals / ideas for the future. The ride, organised by HarBUG, include the County’s Cycling Champion, the Didcot Garden Project Manager and the County’s Active Travel Officer who is currently compiling a Local Cycling and Wlaking Infrastructure Plan for Didcot.

You can download a copy of the report from the Cycle Review here:     Didcot Cycle Review 2019

A copy of the review will be sent to all Town, District and County Councillors for Didcot and immediate surroundings e.g. Harwell, Milton etc.

Winnaway – Unfinished Driveway Surfacing

HarBUG has put a FixMyStreet report in concerning the unfinished works on the Winnaway i.e. rebuild and resurface of the five driveways at the top of the hill.

We contacted the County Council and they advised that this was the best way to get small works completed. We pointed out that this is unfinished project work not maintenance and there is budget available for it.

You can view the report here: Winnaway – Unfinished Cycle Improvement Project.

Thames Travel Drivers

We have had a couple of issues with bus drivers, on Campus roads, over the past two weeks.

In one incident the bus driver was aggressively beeping his horn and then lent out of the window and told the cyclist he should be on the cycle path.

In a second incident the bus driver was gesturing for the cyclist to get off the road.

The first incident has been reported to Thames Travel but we would like to know if any other cyclists have had recent issues with Thames Travel bus drivers either on Campus roads or on their journey to and from work.

Please can you let HarBUG know either by posting a reply to this item or emailing

If this is proving to be an ongoing issue we will contact Thames Travel.

Cycle Surgery Event Tomorrow

Due to the weather forecast tomorrow HarBUG has decided to postpone the Cycle Surgery to a future date.

The Cycle to Work Day rides and free breakfasts will still be running so please support this event and join us at the Harwell pavilion. The weather should be OK for the ride in and cycle home.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this late notice but it is the first time we have had to cancel an event due to the weather, which is not bad for the English climate.

Don’t forget the OVO Women’s Tour at lunchtime also.

Bike Week 2019 Events Wednesday 12th June

Join in with Bike Week 2019. HarBUG has organised two events on the campus, open to anybody who cycles or would like to try cycling to work.

On the same day the OVO Women’s Tour cycle race passes along the A417 at lunchtime. This is a great opportunity to see a top flight cycle race in Oxfordshire for the first time.

See below for more details on these events.

Campus Cycle to Work Day

We have a Campus Cycle to Work Day which is a great way to try cycling to work with one of our easy paced escorted rides to the campus from Didcot, Wantage or Grove, suitable for all fitness levels. Just turn up before the departure time detailed below:

  • Didcot Parkway, Brompton hire lockers – Depart 07:50
  • Wantage, Nelson Pub – Depart 07:45
  • Grove, Millbrook Square – Depart 07:30

If you already cycle to work, it is great event to meet other cyclists who commute to the campus.

There will be a free breakfast for cyclists, sponsored by Harwell Campus, for any Campus staff who cycle to work on the Cycle to Work Day. Vegetarian option available. Breakfast will be served at the Harwell Pavilion, Thomson Entrance between 07:30 to 09:00.




Cycle Surgery

The Bike Repair Man will be running a free cycle surgery from 08:00 to 13:30 in front of the Electron Building on Fermi Avenue.

If your cycle needs tuning up, adjustments or minor repairs then drop your cycle off and get it looked at for free.  Please see notes below for further details. Sponsored by Harwell Campus.





OVO Women’s Tour – Stage 3, Oxfordshire

Join us at lunchtime on the 12th (bring your lunch with you) to watch this cycling spectacle. Cycle down the Winnaway and we will be at the bottom in Harwell village. Race arrival times are predicted from the earliest at 12:24 in good conditions or the latest from 12:46 for non-optimal conditions.

More information can be found at: Women’s Tour – Stage 3


Please download the poster for the event and display it on your organisation’s notice board: Bike Week Cycle to Work Poster 2019

Please download the word document and publish on your organisation’s intranet / newsletter / email: Cycle to Work Text

Notes for Cycle to Work Day:

  • If you are joining the escorted rides, please ensure your cycle is road worthy.
  • Cycle helmets are not mandatory on escorted rides but are recommended.
  • Ride leaders for the escorted rides will be wearing HarBUG fluorescent jackets.
  • We cannot connect the Didcot ride with trains from Oxford and Reading due to restrictions carrying cycles on some trains and timetable changes.
  • Free breakfasts will be available whilst stocks last.
  • Please contact if you have any questions.

Notes for Cycle Surgery:

  • Cycle Surgery works on a first come first served basis.
  • Labour is provided free, any parts must be paid for by the cycle owner.
  • The Cycle Surgery is provided for basic adjustments, tuning or minor repairs to cycles only. We reserve the right to refuse any cycle if the work required will require too much time to complete. The amount of time available will depend on the number of cycles left for work and a judgement call from either The Bike Repair Man or a HarBUG representative, this will be be non-negotiable.
  • Cycles are left at the Cycle Surgery at the owner’s own risk.
  • Cycles must be collected before the finishing time of 13:30.
  • HarBUG is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of any cycles using the Cycle Surgery.

Local Cycle Events

There are some local cycle events coming up over the next few weeks, so if you fancy challenging yourself or a family ride sign up and join in.

Farcycles – Folly Park Fundraising Event – Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th May

Starting this weekend, Farcycles are holding are number of cycling theme events in Faringdon to raise funds for a cycle training facility in Folly Park.

For more details: Folly Cycle Park – Farcycles

Bike Oxford – Sunday 19th May

Now a staple of the Oxford cycling event calendar, there are 25, 50 or 80 mile route options through the Oxfordshire countryside.

For more details: BikeOxford 2019

Uptonogood – Saturday 15th June

Back after a year off this local mountain bike event has events for all the family as well as serious off-roaders and a party tent for afterwards. starting in Upton it is a good way to discover some of the off-road cycle routes in the North Wessex Downs.

For more details: Uptonogood 2019