HarBUG Website is Back


The HarBUG web site is up and running after a fashion.

Apologies for being out of service for so long. The webhosting company updated its servers in November and although we had instructions of things to look for and change, we could not get the site back.

In the end the problem was not with the server changeover but with the WordPress theme we have been using. We also found that we needed to change the email smtp. We have now changed the theme and the smtp to get us back on the web. The layout of the pages has changed and you will see the look of the site needs attention. Please bear with us as we sort things out.

In the meantime you can access the forums by clicking on Forum along the top line and log into the site on the left of the webpage.

Please email us at web@harbug.org.uk if you have any problems.


Kevin Wilkinson – HarBUG Chair