Thomson Avenue Entrance Junction Upgrade

Oxfordshire County Council have opened a consultation into improving the Thomson Avenue Entrance from the A4185.

The proposals are for a traffic light controlled junction with a right hand turn lane in the southbound direction.

A plan of the junction can be downloaded here: Thomson_Avenue_Junction_Scheme_Plan.pdf

The consultation is detailed on the OCC website here: Harwell Campus Entrance Consultation

Things to note:

  • The car park at the entrance is being extended and the entrance/exit is being moved further down Thomson Avenue.
  • The current sharp turns needed on the pavilion side will be straightened out. However sharp turns will still be needed on the island in the middle of the junction.
  • The islands will have cyclist / pedestrian lights to control the crossing points.
  • All arms of the junction will have advanced stop boxes for cyclists. On the northbound lane of the A4185 there is a dropped kerb by the stop box to allow cyclists who are using the shared use path to join the main carriageway at the box.
  • The northbound bus stop that car drivers expect you to cycle in, will be removed to make way for the southbound right hand lane.

If you have any comments you can comment on the consultation direct or email your views to HarBUG and we will be sending in a consultation:

The consultation end on the 6th April.

P.S. The photo above shows the Thomson Avenue Entrance when it was the Nuclear Site main entrance with the large concrete blast blocks. The positioning of the blocks is why there is a sharp turn required on the pavilion side of the junction.