Abusive Driver on Campus

On Thursday morning a driver of a black BMW was involved in abusing a cyclist from Diamond on Fermi Avenue.

The registration of the car was ND62 ZGF and we believe he works at Element 6. His car is in their car park.

The incident started when the cyclist overtook slow moving traffic inbetween the roundabout on the A4185 and the Fermi Avenue roundabout by Ricardo. The driver drove up to cyclists put the nearside window down and shouted ‘Get on the f*****g cycle path you ****’. The driver then turned off into Element 6 / Ricardo , immediately did a U turn and followed the cyclist down Fermi Avenue, aggressively gesturing for the cyclist to pull over. The cyclist ignored this but did stop at RAL security where the car driver got out and carried on shouting. The cyclist asked RAL security to make a note of the registration at which point the driver started arguing with the security guard.  Eventually the car driver got back in his car and drove off.

This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and HarBUG will be writing to Element 6 and the the Campus management about this incident.

We would like to know if this is a one off incident or if this driver has hassled other cyclists. Please let us know if you to have abused by this driver (or any other). If he is a regular offender we can go to the police and ask them to deal with him.

Rmember you are not obliged to use cycle lanes (highway code rule 63) and we know the kerbs on the Fermi Avenue lanes can damage racing bike wheels.