Science Vale Cycle to Work Day – Wednesday 19th June

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On Wednesday 19th June (national Bike Week) HarBUG will be joining the BUGs at Milton Park and Culham Science Centre for the Science Vale Cycle to Work Day.

Whether you are cycling for the first time or a regular, cycle to work with HarBUG and get a free breakfast for your efforts. Everybody welcome.

Free breakfasts are served at the Harwell Pavilion, Thomson Avenue Entrance, from 07:30 to 09:00.

If you would like to try cycling to work, we are running easy paced group rides, suitable for beginners, from local towns. Just turn up:


Abingdon, depart at 07:40 from Old County Hall. Cycling with Milton Park BUG down to Milton Park and onwards to the Campus.

Didcot, depart at 07:15 or 07:50* from Didcot Parkway.

Grove, depart at 07:30 from Millbrook Square.

Wantage, depart at 07:45 from the Nelson pub.


* 07:50 ride from Didcot Parkway connects with local trains from Oxford and Reading. Check with First Great Western for details.

Please support the group rides it is a good time to meet cyclists from the same town and swap tips, route information etc.

If you are planning to cycle in but not with with one of the group rides, please call in at the Harwell Pavilion and say hello and get a breakfast.

Please help publisise the cycle to work day by putting one of our posters: Bike2work JUN 2013 Poster