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Using my Mountain bike has helped me become a lot fitter!

Cycle Facilities Design Guide

In February 2Cycle Parking008 a cycle facilities design guide was published and sent to various companies and contacts around the campus along with a covering letter. The design guide was produced to try and ensure that high quality cycle facilities are included in any new buildings or refurbishments. The covering letter also encourages companies to set up cycle to work schemes to enable bikes to be purchased tax and VAT free.


Please click link to download a copy of the design guide: HarBUG Cycle Facilities Design Guide

Local Transport Plan Submission

Oxfordshire County Council


In January 2010 HarBUG submitted it’s proposals for cycling transport infrastructure in the Science Vale area to the county council as part of it’s Local Transport Plan 3   (LTP3) consultation.

The submission contains proposals for a Science Vale Cycle Network, as discussed in the SCOTS report , a Didcot Cycle Network and a Wantage / Grove Cycle Network.

Please click links below to download a copies of our proposal:

Full submission to County Council – HarBUG LTP3 Response

Proposed network map (with background – 8Mb): Science Vale Cycle Network Map (Proposed)

Proposed network map (without backgound): Science Vale Cycle Network Tube Map (Proposed)