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    Hi all, with the good weather the more popular bike stands are getting filled up. I’ve noticed that on the stand I like to use (but sometimes can’t get a place on) there is at least one abandoned bike locked up (not moved for >2 months and chain and wheels completely rusted). I guess there will be a few more cases of this around campus. I was thinking of asking estates to deal with it, it might be helpful to give them a list if anyone else has spotted one of these? Also if any of you already have a communication line with estates (or are members themselves!) let me know who best to talk to.

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    Are you at RAL? If so, there is a system for tagging bikes and removing them if no-one has used them and shown that they have by removing the tag after a period of some weeks. It was used to some effect last summer, but may not happen again without a request being made to suggest that it’s needed. It is either Estates or Security who initiate it.

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    In any case, to contact Harwell Campus Management (landlord) you need Dawn Crawford: 01235 250170 or dawn.crawford@harwellcampus.com (email is usually better).

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    OK thanks for the information all (I am in RAL). I’ll contact Dawn Crawford as suggested.

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