Accident on Icknield Way, East Hendred, 28/06/2018

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    This is an appeal for any witnesses to an accident at around 8 :10 am on Thursday 28 June, involving a collision between a cyclist and a John Deere “Gator” utility vehicle on the Icknield Way between East Hendred and Harwell campus.

    Due to the serious injuries to the cyclist, the accident is now a police matter.

    The injured person would be particularly grateful to hear from the first cyclist on the scene, who assisted the injured cyclist. This person may have witnessed the incident.

    If you have any information, please call 01235 770337. Please be aware that any details will be passed to the police.

    The identity of the “Gator” driver is known.

    The injured rider would like to thank all witnesses and people who assisted, particularly Sarah, Matthew and Chris. (Using first names only for reasons of confidentiality). He is recovering well so far.

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