Bridle way from Upper Farm Rd to Bury Lane

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    I understand that the bridleway from Upper Farm Road (Chilton School) to Bury lane is a permissive bridleway , but is it realistic to only find a bit bailer twine across the footpath, which is not the easiest to see during half light? Surely a serious safety hazard.
    Does anybody know any more information on this route?

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    The farm track across to Bury Lane from Upper Farm Road has no public rights of way. It is private land.
    A HarBUG member did speak to the farmer about HarBUG cyclists using the track to avoid having to use the A34. He was happy for us to use the track, for cycling, but there was no formal agreement.
    The farmer has had problems with illegal Hare coursing in the fields and does not want walkers and especially those with dogs on the track.
    My guess is that with the new houses that have been built on Chilton Fields, residents have assumed that this track is a right of way and have been using it as such. The farmer is re-asserting his rights as landowner, he has also put up signs saying ‘Private Property, Keep Out’.
    This is not a good result for HarBUG and we may need to speak to the farmer again to see if he is still willing to allow us to cycle across.

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