Cycling to Work is ‘Staggeringly’ Good For You

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    A recent major study finds that the health benefits from Cycling to Work are staggering.

    [See the full post at: Cycling to Work is ‘Staggeringly’ Good For You]

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    Hmmm … I’ve read this piece and the associated BMJ report and, whilst the benefits may be “staggering” and show a correlation, the statistics and report fight shy of attributing causality to cycling.

    The cyclists that I know are already quite fit, watch what they eat, and don’t carry much, if any, excess weight. If survey samples were made up of similar people, then they are probably already leading a lifestyle that takes them out of high-risk groups for CVD, cancer etc. – regardless of their cycling to work.

    A correlation cross-mapping exercise might resolve the causality issue, but that’s for another study maybe…

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    HueyS – Good to have the analysis but let’s not lose site of the prize: we want to promote cycling and this helps to strengthen the argument!

    Causality is always hard to show in this type of study and to claim it would be wrong. However, that doesn’t mean that taking up cycling won’t improve peoples’ health. Also, while you may know a lot of health conscious cyclists, there are a lot who aren’t!

    As for the next study – I am sure the authors will be preparing the proposal as we type…

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