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    So last night the tenant was stopping cyclists on the track that goes from site over to Bury Lane (avoiding use of the A34). Apparently he has been asked by the land owner to prevent any use of the track. I don’t know if any one else was stopped last night? I guess it’s the A34 or a massive cycle round to Wantage if you are heading back from Newbury.

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    I have not been able to cycle for the last 5 weeks, but back in the summer/ early autumn the tenant farmer caught me twice with the same argument. I don’t know know if this is true that Gallagher Estates are quoting this. I can only offer support for the case of a cycle lane from Chilton school to Bury Lane.

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    I wonder why the owners are so bothered. Hope Highways England do fund construction of a route between Chilton (underpass) and Bury Lane, but I’ll not hold my breath. Shame the bridleway, further west, isn’t really doable on a road bike. I’ve tried gravel tracks to the east of the A34 & through Chilton village, but not ideal & definitely a long way around.

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    Haven’t cycled that way for some time since the deterrents and signs were reinforced. It is private land and for the few people who cycle in from the South it was not an issue for the farmer. I think it was done because of the new houses and increase in people using it. I now use the gravel track towards the Waste Transfer Station and then turn up to Chilton. I do it on a hardtail or cyclocross bike, so generally not an issue. Dry at the moment and a nicely worn track. Not ideal on a road bike, or when it gets wet. Oh, and a lot of dog do do’s.

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    Apologies for not sending this sooner, I have been on leave.
    HarBUG has received an email from Gallagher Estates stating that they are unable to allow access across to Bury Lane for cyclists. They have requested that the signs should be respected and not to cycle on the tracks across the field.
    Gallaghers have stated that they are liaising with Highways England on a potential new path.
    I will let Highways England and Kier know that we no longer have a route we can use south of the Campus, it may help our case for building the path.
    In the meantime, please do not cycle across the field, we will be relying on the landowner to sell some land to Highways England for any new path and, as we know, landowners can be difficult and scupper projects if they want to.
    Kevin Wilkinson
    HarBUG Chair

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    Yes please Kevin: this is a great shame to lose this route which many of us have used respectfully for many years and provides a crucial safe link to routes south of the Ridgeway. As you say, hopefully this will strengthen the case for the Chilton – Bury Down link.

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    Any recent updates on this (prospect of new path)?

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    The latest (Feb 2019) on the A34 ‘Bridge to Berkshire’ path is that Highways England have reviewed the proposal with Kier, the design consultants, and have agreed for the project to go to the next stage. This is good news, although it is still a long way from getting the final go ahead. The next stage is negotiations with landowners and we know that this can stop a project.


    Kevin Wilkinson
    HarBUG Chair

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