Fermi Avenue crossing Toucan?

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    At present the crossing on Fermi Avenue by the catapult building is a Zebra crossing.
    It not legal for cyclist to use it to cross from one cycle path to the other as it is only for pedestrians.
    I would like to see a Toucan crossing (for bikes and pedestrians) , as this would be far more useful and would also have the benefit of allowing bus users to cross in one group rather than dribs and drabs which would benefit road traffic.

    Is this something Harbug might be able to lobby for?

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    I like the zebra, pedestrians should be able to cross on demand and not have to wait for a signalised crossing. The toucan on the A4185 seems to constantly refuse to change until all the cars have gone past.

    I’d be all in favour of making it a Tiger crossing (ped and cyclist zebra) though, and the same goes for the crossings at the top of Fermi Avenue as well. Don’t even need a TRO for that now.

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    The zebra crossing should be left as it is. Even if a cyclist has to dismount to use it, it is still likely to be far quicker to than waiting for the lights to change at a toucan crossing.

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