Missing bike lock (moved bike rack?) under RAL Library bridge

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    Last time I cycled to work was on 17 September and on leaving I left a U-lock on the bike rack under the RAL R1 Library bridge. Checking today before I next plan to ride in, it doesn’t seem to be there.
    Has one of the movable bike racks been moved to somewhere? I seem to remember extra racks appearing at some stage so I guess they get moved around sometimes? Does anyone know where to? and/or by whom?
    (I’ve already sent an email to RAL estates already but wondered if anyone here happened to know)

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    Lock found : please ignore (was buried under other bikes!)

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    Were the bikes under the library bridge ever actually tagged to identify and remove abandoned bikes, as it was announced that they would be? The stand is often pretty full, and RAL Estates told me that they would not be buying another Sheffield stand. They provided one of the wheel rack variety instead, despite my drawing their attention to the advice against them at https://www.broxap.com/cycle-parking-guide-planning-completion/types-cycle-parking/ . So it would be worth ensuring at least that all the bikes parked at the Sheffield stand are actually in use. This can legitimately include occasional use at lunchtimes, so a bike can be in use but nonetheless always there overnight, but even so there is at least one that has been in the same exact spot for long enough to raise suspicions.

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