Puncture repair kit at RAL site, anyone?

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    I’ve got tubes and foam filler, but neither are right for the job and I’m going to have a couple of quite uncomfortable passengers on the way home (and probably one knackered rim) if I can’t fix it. Anyone on the RAL site able to help me please with a puncture repair kit that I can borrow at lunchtime (it’s just the patches and glue that I need). Thanks.

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    I have a kit with me, and you’re welcome to use it.

    Chris Hooker RAL ext 6860

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    Me too.

    Please get in touch if I’m nearer and/or more convenient to get to. I’m in R3 on the RAL site.


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    Thanks everyone for offers. Hopefully now sorted. If anyone sees me limping back to Wantage (probably having an argument with passengers about how bumpy the ride is) this evening you’ll know I failed to fix it, but at least I can now try…

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