RAL cyclists – where are we short of a bike shed?

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    <p>I’ve just been talking to RAL Estates about the fate of bike racks next to R18 which will be demolished soon. (I had my eye on a free-standing Sheffield stands rack under a covering roof that is part of the building, for a bike shed behind R65 with old style butterfly wheel grips but no stands.) </p>

    <p>There is another stand-alone bike shed with built in Sheffield stands next to R18. This is looking for another RAL home. Can any RAL cyclists advise of areas where there is currently a shortage of bike parking and some space to put a bike shed?</p>

    <p>One possibility would be to move it elsewhere in the the quad surrounded by R71, R1 and R18 as R71 and that end of R1 don’t seem to me to be well served with bike parking.</p>

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    We could also do with an additional stand under the library bridge, where there is high demand (to be placed near the existing one, but with comfortable space between them because capacity is lost if they are too close together).

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