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    I am new to mountain biking from Abingdon to Harwell Science Campus. I have found a route but am wondering about the following:

    1) are there any plans to improve the track from Harwell village to the A4130 road between Milton and Didcot? (I think this will not be an all weather route for me currently)

    2) any idea when the crossing on the A4130 over to Milton Park will be operational as crossing there currently is hazardous

    Many thanks.

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    Welcome redkite1

    I have never been able to use the track you mention far too muddy for my road bike, the alternative is to go through great western park or even mendip heights if you come from that direction.

    The a4130 crossing was installed a couple of years ago with the tunnel improvement project, I’ve asked the council and highways they wont give me an answer as to when it will be put into service.

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    I believe the track you mention will form the western boundary of the next phase of housing development there. At that stage I suspect the RoW will be incorporated into a road and cease to be off-road. It also means no-one is going to do anything about it until then (again, I suspect).

    As there seems to be no reason why the crossing can’t be opened and the OCC refuse to give vincerosso an answer, who knows?

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      They claim to be “waiting for an electrical connection for the relevant utility company “. But they have been waiting a while………

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    Helpful to know. Many thanks. I think I will be needing to explore variations to my route when the weather worsens!

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