Reasons to Cycle





  1. Lose Pounds (lbs)
    Most cyclists to the Harwell campus live 5 miles or more away from site which will take about 20 to 35 minutes of cycling each way depending on fitness levels. This means that cycling to work is a good cardiovascular workout built into the working day. Regular cycling to work will help shift those extra pounds, if needed, increase fitness levels and leg strength.
  2. Save Pounds (£)
    Cycling to work will really show in the wallet as fuel bills are cut to zero. OK, cyclists need to buy food to fuel the body but this needs to be done anyway and food has no fuel tax and is VAT free.Bikes need very little maintenance about £50 a year or less if some of the work is carried out at home. Bikes also do not require breakdown recovery services.Cycling to work may mean that a second car is no longer needed in which case the savings really will pile up, no road tax, no MOT, no depreciation costs and no insurance (although it is a good idea to have third party insurance when cycling and some cover in case your bike is stolen).Save money on gym fees, since exercise is part of the working day it may not be necessary to make that extra effort to go to the gym or leisure centre The government allow employers to loan employees money to buy a bike and equipment to cycle to work, this can result in large savings on the price of the bike, 50% or more in some cases. See our buying a bike page for details.
  3. Live longer
    Cycling to work on a regular basis halves the risk of coronary heart disease compared to non cyclists who take no other exercise. Regular cyclists also enjoy a level of fitness equal to that of a person ten years younger. Sources – National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation, Sharp and British Heart Foundation, Morris.Cancer, obesity, respiratory diseases and diabetes are more likely to happen to people who do not incorporate moderate activity into their lives.Exercise, especially outdoor exercise, boosts the immune system, fighting off illness.
  4. Arrive on time
    Cycle journeys are more predictable than car journeys or public transport. Without traffic jams, school runs, rush hours etc. cyclists almost always arrive on time and can reliably predict their journey times.
  5. Less stress / arrive at work and home in a good mood
    Strange as it may seem after a cycle to work or back home cyclists do not feel ‘ready to drop’ but feel energised and ‘ready to go’. Cycling gets the heart pumping and fills the lungs with fresh air making cyclists more alert and able to deal better with stress and anxiety.
  6. Cyclists have a very low Carbon footprint
    It is well documented about global warming and the contribution from cars and buses. Another benefit from cycling is that it reduces individual transport emmissions to zero and consequently the individual Carbon footprint.