Didcot Garden Town – Public Drop In Session

Didcot has been designated a ‘Garden Town’ by the Government, which should mean extra cash for infrastructure. HarBUG has already atttended an initial stakeholder reception where a team of consultants introduced the concept of a Garden Town and what can be achieved. There were no solid plans put forward, just healine ideas. One of the slides in the presentation, did make the point that Didcot is over reliant on cars as a transport mode and there are transport problems. After the meeting HarBUG handed over a folder to Quod, the lead consultants, containing our responses to Oxfordshire’s Local Transport Plans 3 and 4 and a copy of the posters we produced for a Didcot Cycling event held a couple of years ago. They did ask for input from stakeholder groups so hopefully they will see what we have been trying to achieve over the years.

On Wednesday (9th) from 7:00 to 9:00pm and Thursday (10th) from 10:00am to 8:00pm there is a public drop in session at Cornerstone Arts Centre. This is an opportunity for everyone to have there say on how Didcot develops in the future. This does not just affect Didcot but also the surrounding villages. If you have the opportunity, please go along and let them know your views and how they can improve Greater Didcot for cyclists.