Campus Cycling Facilities

The Campus facilities pages lists what is available to cyclists at the Harwell Campus. The lists detail cycle stands, showering and changing facilities. Most facilities are only available to people who work at the building or company detailed, but it does give an overall view of the campus and possible areas for improvement. 

If you know of any facilities not listed or a change in status of the facility please contact to keep the website up to date.  

HarBUG would like to see, and campaigns for, improved cycling facilities with covered secure cycle stands, changing areas, showers, lockers and drying rooms.   

Cycling Facilities Guide

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory including Research Complex and Rosalind Franklin Institute. See Fermi Avenue for Atlas Building, Electron Building & RAL Space (R100).

Diamond Light Source including Electron Microscope Facility.

MRC, Health Protection England, Atlas Building, Electron Building, R103, RAL Space (R100), Element Six, Ricardo, European Space Agency.

Zephyr Building, The Terrace, JISC-Lumen House, Genesis Building, The Library, Agilent, Oxford Nanopore, Quad 1.

Building 329, HQ building, Harwell Innovations Centre, Shops, Bright Horizons Nursery, Vaccine Manufacturing Innovation Centre

Magnox secure site – all cycling facilities behind nuclear boundary fence

Details and locations of cycle repair stands on the Campus

How to hire and where to pick up and leave Campus hire bikes.

Options if Your Building / Organisation Does Not Have Showers or Changing Facilities

If you do not have access to showers or changing facilities at your Campus organisation or building there are two Campus recreation societies and a gym that you can join that will give you access to facilities. These are not free but offer other membership benefits.

The Harwell Lab. Rec. Soc. is based at the Pavilion at the edge of the sportsfield on Rutherford Avenue. The pavilion has showers and changing facilities.

RAL Rec. Soc. is situated around the rear of the Rutherford Appleton Laboartory site in building R58. With membership you will have access to the showers and changing in the adjacent building R85.

The Fitness Experts are a gym located at Quad 1 on Becquerel Avenue.

Styles of Cycle Stands

The cycle stands are generally one of three types:  

Sheffield Cycle Stand

Sheffield Cycle Stand

1) Sheffield Style (HarBUG preferred type).
An hoop style stand. Each hoop can accommodate two cycles, which lean against the hoop and allow the front wheel and cycle frame to be locked easily.
Gutter Rack Cycle Stand

Gutter Rack Cycle Stand

 2) Gutter Style 
 Cycle wheels are placed in the ‘gutter’ section and is generally locked around the front wheel but with an extra long lock the cycle frame can be secured. These types of stands put pressure on the wheel rims and can damage the wheels especially on racing bikes. Some mountain bike tyres will not fit into the ‘gutter’ section. Many cyclists lean their bikes against the ‘gutter’ section and lock the cycle to the frame of the stand to avoid any damage to cycles.   HarBUG does not recommend this type of stand for new cycle stands and would like to see all stands of this type replaced with Sheffield style stands over time. 
Vee Rack Cycle Stand

Vee Rack Cycle Stand

3) Vee Style.
The front or rear wheel of the cycle is positioned in vee type bracket and then the cycle is locked around the wheel It is difficult to get a lock long enough to secure the frame if locking the front wheel. These types of stand can damage wheels; twisting pressure is put on the wheel being secured in the stand unless the bike is left perfectly balanced, a knock from another cycle or a strong gust of wind is enough to put pressure on the wheel.   HarBUG does not recommend this type of stand for new cycle stands and would like to see all stands of this type replaced with Sheffield style stands over time.