If you have been back cycling this year then you will have noticed that there are a lot of potholes around on the roads.

Potholes are particularly dangerous for cyclists so please take the time to report potholes to the County Council and get them repaired.

Oxfordshire use FixMyStreet to report potholes and other road issues. You can enter details here: Oxfordshire Potholes

Alternatively you can download the FixMyStreet app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android. Using a smartphone is convenient as you can send the details directly from the pothole.


Backhill Tunnel Now Open

The Backhill Tunnel inbetween Milton Park and Milton Gate (on the  A4130 at the start of the Milton Interchange from Didcot) is now open for cyclists.

HarBUG has been keen to see this link open as it is a key for future cycle routes to the Campus from Abingdon avoiding the Milton Interchange. The next stage will see a dedicated crossing on the A4130 due in spring next year.

As Didcot expands there will be a cycle path from the new crossing to an unused bridge across the A34 to Cow Lane / Townsend in Harwell Village and onto the Winnaway. Another cycle path will lead to a new cycle / pedestrian bridge across the A34 to Milton Heights.

The tunnel was saved from permanent closure because a waste pipe (now redundant) from the Harwell Campus Magnox site to the Thames ran through it. The route of the pipe through Milton Park has not been built on either and plans are being investigated to see if this land could be converted to a cycle path and link onto Abingdon.

Launch of The Claudia Charter for Safer Cycling in Oxford

Message posted on behalf of Broken Spoke Bike Co-op from Oxford:

This Thursday, Nov 9th, come to the launch of The Claudia Charter for Safer Cycling in Oxford at Tap Social (Curtis Estate, off Botley Road, near Seacourt Park & Ride, Oxford).

Six months ago, our friend Claudia Comberti was killed while riding her bike on Botley Road. Since the collision, we’ve been working together to develop The Claudia Charter, for a safer, friendlier, and more collaborative environment on Oxford’s roads.

We know that Oxford is full of people who walk, ride, and drive on our city’s roads. We also know that a lot of people want to feel safer on their daily journeys. If this includes you then we would love you to join us!

  • Doors will be open from 5.30pm to anyone interested in finding out more about Claudia, the Charter, and what’s next.
  • From 6.45pm there will be a few short speeches. Tap Social will be open until 11pm.

We know that the 9th will be a difficult day for many. You are welcome to simply pop-in on your way home, stay for a pint, or join us for the whole evening.

The Claudia Charter has been collaboratively created by Broken Spoke, Cyclox, two of Oxford’s City Councillors, members of the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, and friends of Claudia.

For more information and updates see The Claudia Charter Facebook page.

On-line Cycling Survey: Highway Incidents affecting Cyclists – September 2015 to August 2017

Cyclox, the Oxford cycle campaigning group, have been having some meetings with the County Council Roadworks Team to see if road works/road maintenance around the County can be improved. The Roadworks Team have devised a questionnaire to help understand the issues faced by cyclists on the road.

The aim of the questionnaire is to provide a clearer picture to the council of the problems experienced by cylists on the county’s roads and cycleways, particularly with regard to how surface condition may have contributed to spills or other issues (eg potholes, slippery road, etc)

We know this type of problem is under-reported, so by better understanding the nature, frequency and location of these incidents, the council’s can more pro-actively target defect repairs and also larger scale resurfacing works to specific places or routes.

The survey is very straight-forward  and quick, and may be completed anonymously. It is available on the Oxfordshire County Council website via this link:     https://consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk/consult.ti/highway_incidents_cyclists/

Please note

Please only log incidents that occurred between September 2015 and August 2017. 

The closing date for completing the questionnaire is October 22, 2017

This questionnaire is a trial run, so is not public, and is only open to members of clubs/organisations.

The questionnaire is only accessible via the above link, and cannot be found on the County Council’s website. 

The results of the survey should be made available within one month of this date and will be discussed in follow-up meetings between user groups and the council highways department. 

Please do not use the questionnaire to report current defects. These can be reported via:    https://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/

Illegal Use of Winnaway Path

Posted by Guy W on behalf of A Iwi

Dear cyclists,

This morning while walking on the Winnaway, I was passed by a motorcycle on the footpath. Obviously this is illegal, and also unpleasant and potentially dangerous for other users of the path.
This should be addressed while still relatively uncommon, and not allowed to escalate, so please can you report any similar incidents to the police, particularly with any camera footage you may have. I imagine they might not do much on the first report, but hopefully will do if the same registration is reported by multiple people. There is a reporting form at https://reportonline.thamesvalley.police.uk/

The incident occurred on the hill, and I couldn’t see from there whether the rider was going to a property on the Winnaway or continuing towards the labs. But even if it was a local resident, the footpath is not a private track. The surface of a public footpath belongs to the council by law, and it was resurfaced at public expense for unmotorised use. It is open to the residents to resurface their private road adjacent to the footpath for more comfortable use by motor vehicles if they so wish.

Thank you,

The Winnaway and Strava Segments

HarBUG has flagged the Strava segments that use the downhill, narrow path, part of the Winnaway as hazardous. This means that cyclists can no longer record Goals and Achievements on these segments.

HarBUG is trying to get the Winnaway re-designated as a Bridleway from a foothpath. Using the path for recording fast decents could undermine our case for change.

Apologies if you have been recording your time whilst using the path responsibly but we have had a complaint, from a Winnaway resident,  about cyclists not slowing down to pass pedestrians on the downhill section.

The segments that go uphill have been left and we have not changed any running segments.

If you have no idea what Strava Segments are you can find out here:  What are segments?


Cycle to Work Day – This Wednesday

Don’t forget, HarBUG is celebrating National Cycle to Work Day this Wednesday 13th September with a Campus Cycle to Work Day event.

The weather forecast for Wednesday morning is dry and fine but Tuesday evening is wet and windy, so don’t let this put you off.

It is great event to meet other cyclists who commute to the campus or to try cycling to work by joining one of our escorted rides in to the Campus.

There will be a free breakfast for cyclists, sponsored by Harwell Campus, for any Campus staff who cycle to work on the Cycle to Work Day. Vegetarian option available. Breakfast will be served at the Harwell Pavilion, Thomson Entrance between 07:30 to 09:00.

Pledge now to cycle to work and be in with a chance of winning prizes including bikes and holidays. Pledge here: cycletoworkday.org

There will be free Science Vale cycle maps and other information available.

If you have never cycled to work before or are getting back in the saddle then join one of our easy paced escorted rides to the Campus, suitable for all fitness levels. Just turn up before the departure time detailed below:

  • Didcot Parkway, Brompton hire lockers – Depart 07:50
  • Wantage, Nelson Pub – Depart 07:45
  • Grove, Millbrook Square – Depart 07:30


  • If you are joining the escorted rides, please ensure your cycle is road worthy.
  • Cycle helmets are not mandatory on escorted rides but are recommended.
  • Ride leaders for the escorted rides will be wearing HarBUG fluorescent jackets.
  • We cannot connect the Didcot ride with trains from Oxford and Reading due to restrictions carrying cycles on some trains and timetable changes.
  • Free breakfasts will be available whilst stocks last.
  • Please contact chair@harbug.org.uk if you have any questions.

Also don’t forget the HarBUG AGM on the same day in Diamond House G59 at 12:30.

AGM 2017 Reminder

Don’t forget the HarBUG 2017 AGM will be held this week, as part of our Cycle-to-Work Day, Wednesday 13th September.

AGM will be in Room G59, Diamond House (on the RAL site, beside Restaurant).   Meeting Room signed from the Diamond House entrance.

Please come along, get involved, and help with the running of HarBUG, one of the largest and most successful  Bicycle User Groups in the country.    Feel free to bring your lunch!


Chairman’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Election of Committee
Discussion of Cycling Issues

Guy W