Science Vale Cycling Update – The Winnaway


It is a good time to have a catch up with what is happenning with cycling in the area, starting with The Winnaway

There was money left over from the Winnaway project and the County Council are looking to use this to try to improve crossing the A417 for cyclists at Harwell village.

One issue that we did raise was the rough surface finish where private driveways cross the new Winnaway route. The County Council were not aware of this and the crossing points should have been the same surface standard as the rest of the route. They are going to look into this.

The legal status remains as a footpath and since some of the landowners will not agree to it being changed to a bridleway the County Council have advised us that the best way forward is for HarBUG to request a change in its status. We will be putting a request together, we don’t think there will be a problem as it has been used by cyclists for 30 years or more. The problem is there is a 10 year backlog of applications (this is low priority work for cash strapped councils). We hope given that the Winnaway is an imprortant cycle link we may be able to ‘jump the queue’.

As we have mentioned before a footpath is not the same as a footway. The Winnaway is a footpath and only the landowner can ask you stop cycling on their land and there is landowners permission to cycle on nearly all of the route.

Please slow down for horses and pedestrians when using the Winnaway.

Campus Cycle to Work Day – This Wednesday (26th April)!

Don’t forget the Cycle to Work day this Wednesday.

The weather is looking fine and bright, but a bit cooler than last week, ideal cycling weather!

If you can, please join in with the escorted rides from Abingdon, Didcot, Wantage or Grove. If not call in at the Harwell Pavilion, say hello and grab a bacon roll or vegetarian sauasage roll.

We will have some leaflets available about ‘cyclists and the law’ and ‘cycling with horses’ as well as Science Vale cycle maps.

Don’t forget to encourage you fellow colleagues to try cycling to work.

Cycle Campaign Event This Saturday – Please join us!

As part of its ‘Space for Cycling’ campaign, Cycling UK is holding a number of rides and events around the country this Saturday 22nd April.

In Oxford, there will be a gathering outside County Hall at 2pm.

Please join us if you can.

Join one of the groups riding in from towns around Oxfordshire (eg Wantage).  Or join at one of Oxford’s Park & Rides.  Or just turn up at County Hall, before 2pm.  You don’t even need to bring your bike!  All the details of rides are here:

The event will give candidates in the forthcoming local elections the chance to show their support for cycling to the assembled cyclists and media.  Further information here:

Guy W


Campus Cycle to Work Day – Wednesday 26th April 2017

The Campus Cycle to Work day is two weeks away. Last year we had a record number of participants. Lets see if we can beat that this year. If you are a regular cyclist please pop in at the breakfast and say hello. It would be even better if you could join in with one of the escorted rides.

Please download the poster for the event and display it on your organisation’s notice board: Cycle to Work Poster 2017

Please download the word document and publish on your organisation’s intranet / newsletter / email: Cycle to Work Text

The Cycle to Work Day will be held on Wednesday 26th April. Cyclists breakfasts will be served at the Harwell Pavilion, Thomson Entrance between 07:30 to 09:00. Free to any Campus staff who cycle to work on the Cycle to Work Day. Vegetarian option available.

There will be free Science Vale cycle maps and other information available.

If you have never cycled to work before or are getting back in the saddle then join one of our easy paced escorted rides to the Campus, suitable for all fitness levels. Just turn up before the departure time detailed below:

  • Didcot Parkway, Brompton hire lockers – Depart 07:50
  • Abingdon, Old County Hall – Depart 07:40
  • Wantage, Nelson Pub – Depart 07:45
  • Grove, Millbrook Square – Depart 07:30


  • If you are joining the escorted rides, please ensure your cycle is road worthy.
  • Cycle helmets are not mandatory on escorted rides but are recommended.
  • Ride leaders for the escorted rides will be wearing HarBUG fluorescent jackets.
  • We cannot connect the Didcot ride with trains from Oxford and Reading due to restrictions carrying cycles on some trains and timetable changes.
  • Free breakfasts will be available whilst stocks last.
  • Please contact if you have any questions.

Also don’t forget the Oxfordshire Space for Cycling Campaign Event  on Saturday 22nd April. Please join in and support cycling in Oxfordshire.





Campus Cycle to Work Day – 26th April

On Wednesday 26th April we will be holding a Campus Cycle to Work Day.

We will be encouraging all campus employees to try cycling to work with escorted rides into the campus from Didcot, Wantage / Grove and Abingdon. If you already cycle to work please come along to the Harwell Pavilion between 07:30 and 09:00 to join fellow cyclists and support the best way of commuting to work. We will be offering a free breakfast for everybody who cycles to work. Last year we had a record number of cyclists participating, hopefully we can top this this year.

If you have had a break from cycling over the Winter or your new years resolutions have not gone to plan, this is an ideal opportunity to get back cycling and get on  track.

One of the main reasons for the Cycle to Work Days is to allow new cyclists to try cycle commuting and running the escorted rides in is key to this. We need some members to help run the escorted rides by acting as Ride Leaders. If you can help out with the event by being a Ride Leader please could you contact Thanks.

This years Cycle to Work Day breakfasts are sponsored by Diamond Light Source:

Dates for diaries:

Saturday 22nd April – Oxfordshire Space for Cycling Campaign Event.

Wednesday 26th April – Campus Cycle To Work Day.

Oxfordshire Cycling Network – Strategic Cycle Network

Oxfordshire Cycling Network today has today launched it’s vision for a countywide strategic cycle network.

More information can be found here:

There is a new Twitter account for Oxfordshire Cycling: @OxonCyclingNet #OxonCycleNet

The Oxfordshire Cycling Network (OCN) is an umbrella group to provide a unified vision and voice for cyclists in Oxfordshire at a county level. It is made up from representitives of cycling organisations in the county and HarBUG is an active member. OCN is represented on the County Council’s active travel steering group and the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s transport steering group.

Please note the date of  Sunday 22nd April when there will be a gathering of cyclists at County Hall in Oxford at 2pm to promote the proposal and to get support from County councillors. It would be great if HarBUG members could join in and show support. More details closer to the date.

OCN will be asking County Council candidates to support Space for Cycling, to Plan, Invest and Build a network like this.

The OCN proposal, is based on a sound economic basis.  The benefits in health and travel time would be many times the investment.  London, Cambridge, Bristol and most recently Cheshire have all seen these benefits and are investing to gain them


Didcot Garden Town Consultation

The consultation for the Didcot Garden Town proposals had been extended till Tuesday 28th February.

Please have a look at the proposals and email your comments to

Transport information, including cycling, can be found here:

More detailed information about transport can be downloaded here: presentation Part 2 Housing and Infrastructurepptx.pdf  Information about cycling is best shown on page 31, 41 and 42, although transport in general starts on page 16.

Please send in a comment to support cycling in the Garden Town proposals. A one line email stating your support is fine. Even if you don’t live in Didcot, please send in your support as any good practice / examples can be used to support schemes elsewhere.

HarBUG Website is Back


The HarBUG web site is up and running after a fashion.

Apologies for being out of service for so long. The webhosting company updated its servers in November and although we had instructions of things to look for and change, we could not get the site back.

In the end the problem was not with the server changeover but with the WordPress theme we have been using. We also found that we needed to change the email smtp. We have now changed the theme and the smtp to get us back on the web. The layout of the pages has changed and you will see the look of the site needs attention. Please bear with us as we sort things out.

In the meantime you can access the forums by clicking on Forum along the top line and log into the site on the left of the webpage.

Please email us at if you have any problems.


Kevin Wilkinson – HarBUG Chair

Didcot Garden Town – Public Drop In Session

Didcot has been designated a ‘Garden Town’ by the Government, which should mean extra cash for infrastructure. HarBUG has already atttended an initial stakeholder reception where a team of consultants introduced the concept of a Garden Town and what can be achieved. There were no solid plans put forward, just healine ideas. One of the slides in the presentation, did make the point that Didcot is over reliant on cars as a transport mode and there are transport problems. After the meeting HarBUG handed over a folder to Quod, the lead consultants, containing our responses to Oxfordshire’s Local Transport Plans 3 and 4 and a copy of the posters we produced for a Didcot Cycling event held a couple of years ago. They did ask for input from stakeholder groups so hopefully they will see what we have been trying to achieve over the years.

On Wednesday (9th) from 7:00 to 9:00pm and Thursday (10th) from 10:00am to 8:00pm there is a public drop in session at Cornerstone Arts Centre. This is an opportunity for everyone to have there say on how Didcot develops in the future. This does not just affect Didcot but also the surrounding villages. If you have the opportunity, please go along and let them know your views and how they can improve Greater Didcot for cyclists.