Cycling to Work is ‘Staggeringly’ Good For You

We all know cycling to work is the best way to get to and from work and it’s probably doing you some good. However a recent major study, published in the British Medical Journal, suggests that the health benefits are staggering, slashing the risk of heart disease and cancer.

You can read an article here at The Conversation website and you the original research is here at the BMJ website.

Celebrate taking the healthy and fun commuting choice by joining in the Campus, and National, Cycle to Work Day next Wednesday (13th september) and encourage colleagues to try cycling to work.Don’t forget to pledge your ride at with a chance to win prizes.

We also still need ride leaders for the escorted rides from Didcot, Wantage and Grove. Please if you can help out or would like to know more information about what being a ride leader entails contact harbug at Thanks.

Annual General Meeting 2017

This year’s AGM will be on WEDNESDAY 13th SEPTEMBER at 1230, as part of the Cycle-to-Work Day.

The venue is still being finalised, but is likely to be Diamond House on the RAL site.

The AGM is a great opportunity to have your say on campus cycling matters.   Don’t forget, HarBUG is one of the biggest and most active BUGs in the country.  So please come along, get involved, and help to continue HarBUG’s success!

All committee posts will be up for re-election at the AGM.  In particular, our long-serving Treasurer, Justin, is retiring.  So we do need a new treasurer for next year!

If you’re interested in joining the committee, or if you’d like a particular topic to be discussed, please email us at:

Guy W

National Cycle to Work Day – Wednesday 13th September

HarBUG is celebrating National Cycle to Work Day by running a Campus Cycle to Work Day on Wednesday 13th September.

It is great event to meet other cyclists who commute to the campus or to try cycling to work by joining one of our escorted rides in to the Campus.

There will be a free breakfast for cyclists, sponsored by Harwell Campus, for any Campus staff who cycle to work on the Cycle to Work Day. Vegetarian option available. Breakfast will be served at the Harwell Pavilion, Thomson Entrance between 07:30 to 09:00.

Pledge now to cycle to work and be in with a chance of winning prizes including bikes and holidays. Pledge here:

There will be free Science Vale cycle maps and other information available.

If you have never cycled to work before or are getting back in the saddle then join one of our easy paced escorted rides to the Campus, suitable for all fitness levels. Just turn up before the departure time detailed below:

  • Didcot Parkway, Brompton hire lockers – Depart 07:50
  • Wantage, Nelson Pub – Depart 07:45
  • Grove, Millbrook Square – Depart 07:30

Please download the poster for the event and display it on your organisation’s notice board: Cycle to Work Poster 2017

Please download the word document and publish on your organisation’s intranet / newsletter / email: Cycle to Work Text


  • If you are joining the escorted rides, please ensure your cycle is road worthy.
  • Cycle helmets are not mandatory on escorted rides but are recommended.
  • Ride leaders for the escorted rides will be wearing HarBUG fluorescent jackets.
  • We cannot connect the Didcot ride with trains from Oxford and Reading due to restrictions carrying cycles on some trains and timetable changes.
  • Free breakfasts will be available whilst stocks last.
  • Please contact if you have any questions.

We are looking for ride leaders for the escorted rides from Didcot, Wantage and Grove. If you could help HarBUG out by leading a ride please contact

Also don’t forget the HarBUG AGM on the same day, more details soon.



Cycle to Work Day And Annual General Meeting

Book your diaries for National Cycle to Work Day on Wednesday 13th September.

HarBUG will be hosting a free Cycle to Work breakfast, sponsored by Harwell Campus. Breakfasts will served at the Harwell Pavilion, Thomson Avenue, from 07:30 to 09:00. We will also be running group rides to the Campus from Didcot, Wantage, Grove and Abingdon.

At lunchtime we will be holding our annual general meeting.

There will be more details later for both events.

For the AGM all the commitee posts will be up for re-election. If you would like to get involved with helping HarBUG, one of the biggest and most active BUGs in the country, to continue with its success please email us at: Our long term Treasurer, Justin, is retiring so we have to have a new treasurer for next year.

Also, for the group rides from the towns we need ride leaders. If you would like to help by being a ride leader or know more about being a ride leader please email us at:

Science Vale Cycling Update – Wantage, Didcot & A34


Wantage New Cycle Route. Several years ago HarBUG proposed a new cycle route to Wantage connecting the villages along the A417; the Hendreds and Ardington. This project has funding but has been stalled for a couple of years. The County Council are currently in discussions with landowners, these discussions are sensitive so we don’t know any details about where the final route will run. As soon as we have information we can pass on we will but the project is ongoing.

Didcot Garden Town. The delivery plan for Didcot Garden Town is open for consultation until 31st July. It mentions cycling in quite a few places. It is a large document but the main places for cycling are contained in:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Cycling featured as on the Early Priority Projects (p62)
  3. The main section on ‘Transport’ (p97) including cycling on many pages but particularly p118-119

HarBUG will be putting in a response but please also support cycling in the Garden Town with an individual responses. The report and appendices can be downloaded from: Didcot Garden Town

A34 Link. Last year HarBUG and the Oxfordshire Cycling Network put in a bid to the Highways Agency to get a path built alongside the A34 linking the Chilton Junction with the Ridgeway Junction. Our bid was supported by Oxfordshire County Council and West Berkshire Council. We have had no updates on the bid as yet.


Science Vale Cycling Update – Milton Outer Ring


In HarBUG’s submission to the Local Transport Plan we put forward an idea to build an outer ring around the Milton Interchange for cyclists and pedestrians. There has been progress with this.

Steventon Rail Path. This is an existing path that runs parallel to railway from Steventon to Milton Park. This is already used by cyclists but very rough in places. The path is due to be widened and re-surfaced. Currently in discussions with landowners to get a better access point in Steventon.

Milton Park. Milton Park are proposing a series of improvements to make cycling easier around the park, this will include linking the end od the Steventon Rail Path to the Backhill Tunnel.

Backhill Tunnel. This is a former disused tunnel under the railway just before the Milton Interchange and will be a cut through into Milton Park. This is currently under construction. There will be a new crossing on the A4130 but details about this is sketchy.

Didcot, Valley Park North West. This is the extension of Didcot up to the A34. The County Council has agreed with the developers that a shared use path will be built linking the Backhill Tunnel up to the Milton Heights Bridge although this may be a few years away.

Milton Heights Bridge. The County Council has secured funding from the developers of new houses at Milton Heights to pay for a new cyclists / pedestrian bridge across the A34. There are currently discussions with the developers about when they will make the money available and any new bridges across the A34 have to be approved by the Highways Agency.

Milton Heights Development. From the plans of the new housing there will be a route through to the Steventon Hill Traffic Lights.

Steventon Hill Traffic Lights. There was a consultation for road improvements inbetween the Featherbed Lane Junction and the Steventon Hill Lights, a few years back now. We raised objections as they were not cycle friendly. No changes have been made to the designs but this project is being reviewed so there may be opportunities to include some changes to benefit cyclists.

The Milton Outer Ring will provide an alternative route for cyclists to the Harwell Campus from Abingdon. The full Outer Ring is a few years away yet but it is good that it has been identified and acted upon.

Science Vale Cycling Update – The Winnaway


It is a good time to have a catch up with what is happenning with cycling in the area, starting with The Winnaway

There was money left over from the Winnaway project and the County Council are looking to use this to try to improve crossing the A417 for cyclists at Harwell village.

One issue that we did raise was the rough surface finish where private driveways cross the new Winnaway route. The County Council were not aware of this and the crossing points should have been the same surface standard as the rest of the route. They are going to look into this.

The legal status remains as a footpath and since some of the landowners will not agree to it being changed to a bridleway the County Council have advised us that the best way forward is for HarBUG to request a change in its status. We will be putting a request together, we don’t think there will be a problem as it has been used by cyclists for 30 years or more. The problem is there is a 10 year backlog of applications (this is low priority work for cash strapped councils). We hope given that the Winnaway is an imprortant cycle link we may be able to ‘jump the queue’.

As we have mentioned before a footpath is not the same as a footway. The Winnaway is a footpath and only the landowner can ask you stop cycling on their land and there is landowners permission to cycle on nearly all of the route.

Please slow down for horses and pedestrians when using the Winnaway.

Campus Cycle to Work Day – This Wednesday (26th April)!

Don’t forget the Cycle to Work day this Wednesday.

The weather is looking fine and bright, but a bit cooler than last week, ideal cycling weather!

If you can, please join in with the escorted rides from Abingdon, Didcot, Wantage or Grove. If not call in at the Harwell Pavilion, say hello and grab a bacon roll or vegetarian sauasage roll.

We will have some leaflets available about ‘cyclists and the law’ and ‘cycling with horses’ as well as Science Vale cycle maps.

Don’t forget to encourage you fellow colleagues to try cycling to work.