HarBUG Website is Back


The HarBUG web site is up and running after a fashion.

Apologies for being out of service for so long. The webhosting company updated its servers in November and although we had instructions of things to look for and change, we could not get the site back.

In the end the problem was not with the server changeover but with the WordPress theme we have been using. We also found that we needed to change the email smtp. We have now changed the theme and the smtp to get us back on the web. The layout of the pages has changed and you will see the look of the site needs attention. Please bear with us as we sort things out.

In the meantime you can access the forums by clicking on Forum along the top line and log into the site on the left of the webpage.

Please email us at web@harbug.org.uk if you have any problems.


Kevin Wilkinson – HarBUG Chair

Didcot Garden Town – Public Drop In Session

Didcot has been designated a ‘Garden Town’ by the Government, which should mean extra cash for infrastructure. HarBUG has already atttended an initial stakeholder reception where a team of consultants introduced the concept of a Garden Town and what can be achieved. There were no solid plans put forward, just healine ideas. One of the slides in the presentation, did make the point that Didcot is over reliant on cars as a transport mode and there are transport problems. After the meeting HarBUG handed over a folder to Quod, the lead consultants, containing our responses to Oxfordshire’s Local Transport Plans 3 and 4 and a copy of the posters we produced for a Didcot Cycling event held a couple of years ago. They did ask for input from stakeholder groups so hopefully they will see what we have been trying to achieve over the years.

On Wednesday (9th) from 7:00 to 9:00pm and Thursday (10th) from 10:00am to 8:00pm there is a public drop in session at Cornerstone Arts Centre. This is an opportunity for everyone to have there say on how Didcot develops in the future. This does not just affect Didcot but also the surrounding villages. If you have the opportunity, please go along and let them know your views and how they can improve Greater Didcot for cyclists.


Harwell Link Road

We have just found out there is an exhibition for the Harwell Link Road tomorrow (Saturday 5th) in Harwell Village Hall from 10am to 3pm.



More details can be found here: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/harwell-link-road

Please, if you have a chance go along and comment on the cycling provision, especially the roundabout with Wantage Road from Didcot.

  • Ask them what will happen when Valley Park is built and needs access to the junction.
  • Ask them how the roundabout will be part of the premium cycle route from Didcot Parkway to the Harwell Campus.
  • Ask them how this will encourage sustainable transport from Harwell Village and Campus to Didcot schools and facilities.

This will affect your cycle to work from Didcot so have your say now.

Icknield Way – Route 544 Diversion

We have received notification from Magnox, that the Icknield Way running along the top of the Campus will be closed from Monday 17th 2016 until March 2019. This is to allow for land remediation of the Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant (Tank Farm) and the Sewage Farm on either side of the path.

There will be a signed diversion through the Campus, the same as when it was shut a couple of years ago.

When it is finished the path will be re-instated and re-routed, straight, avoiding the sub station.

HarBUG AGM – A Message From The Chair of HarBUG

HarBUG now has a record 225 members which makes us a significant cycle group in Oxfordshire and one of the largest work based BUGs in the country. HarBUG has raised the profile of Campus cyclists and cyclists in the Science Vale area, we could have easily been overlooked being in a remote location at the edge of the county. This raised profile and campaigning has resulted in investment in cycle routes and better cycling facilities for cyclists on campus. HarBUG has also run very successful cycle events to encourage people to try cycling to work including our popular Cycle to work Days, free cycle training, electric bike try outs and free cycle checks and repairs.

These events and the campaigning are the result of the efforts of the HarBUG committee and support from members. The committee has been made up of the same few people for several years from three Campus organisations; Diamond, STFC & Ricardo. HarBUG would like to encourage all members to become active in the running of the group and with new organisations moving to the Campus it would be good to get some fresh perspectives and ideas on cycling. With the AGM coming up please consider joining in with the running of the group. All committee posts are up for election at the AGM. If you would like to know more about the committee positions and about the running of HarBUG please contact chair@harbug.org.uk

In particular if you would like to get involved in fund raising and publicity or could help in running the website (we would like to give the website an update and fresh look) please get in touch.

Gradually Government, local authorities and companies are realising the benefits of getting people on cycles. HarBUG needs to be in the forefront to make sure cyclists on the Campus and Science Vale get the best deal.


Kevin Wilkinson

HarBUG Chair.


Didcot Parkway Sustainable Transport Links

HarBUG will be attending a meeting on Friday (23rd September) to discuss better access and links for sustainable transport at Didcot Parkway and Oxford stations.

The meeting is being organised by Great Western Railway and will include bus companies, local authorities as well as other cycling groups. If you have any suggestions on how to improve things for cyclists at Didcot Parkway please email HarBUG or leave a comment in the forum. Similarly if you have had any good or bad experiences with GWR please let HarBUG know.

It doesn’t look like they are not prepared to discuss issues like making mores space on trains for cycles, in fact with the introduction of new electric trains they may be less space and more restrictions. We will raise this point and see what they say. However if you have comments regarding cycle parking, access to platforms, access to the station, information for cyclists, marking on platforms for cycle loading points etc. please let HarBUG know.

If you have any comments on Oxford station please send them through, although we expect Cyclox and other Oxford groups to cover this.

Cycle to Work Day – 14th September 2016

Cycle to Work Day is a national event to encourage everybody to cycle to work on Wednesday (14th September).

HarBUG is not organising any events for the Cycle to Work Day but you can pledge to cycle to work on Wednesday and be in with a chance to win prizes. Also pledging support for the Cycle to Work Day will help the success of the event and bring cycling into the public focus. You can pledge your support here: https://www.cycletoworkday.org/


HarBUG has not organised any events because we already run two Bike to Work Days earlier in the year. Our Bike to Work Days are run to try encourage people to try cycling to work. We believe this is best carried out in the spring when new cyclists are more likely to carry on cycling through the summer with the best weather.

If you feel that HarBUG should be more pro-active in supporting the national Cycle to Work Day, then please raise this as an agenda item for the AGM on the 28th September.

AGM 2016 – Wednesday 28th September

The HarBUG Annual General Meeting will take place on WEDNESDAY 28th SEPTEMBER from 12:30 to 13:30, in the Lounge (top floor) at RIDGEWAY HOUSE.

Ridgeway House is on Fermi Avenue opposite RAL Main Entrance, just behind the Nursery.

Please put the date in your diary and please attend if you can – feel free to bring your lunch with you.

If you have any proposals / issues you would like to discuss please let me secretary@harbug.org.uk know before Friday 23rd September.

All HarBUG committee posts are up for election, so please consider helping to run HarBUG!  The posts up for election are Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, plus general committee members.  If you think you might be interested, let me secretary@harbug.org.uk know by Friday 23rd September.

Notes from last year’s meeting:  HarBUG AGM 2015 Notes

If you have any other questions please contact me.

Guy W



Cycle Repair Stands

The Harwell Campus has three cycle repair stands, two of which they will be installing in the next few weeks.

One stand will be located close to the entrance of the RAL main gate and the other at the Harwell Pavilion, Thomson Entrance. The third stand will be installed at a later date once the Campus develops.

The cycle repair stands were donated by the County Council who bought them from the grant they were given by the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

An idea would be for HarBUG to have a locker next to the stands and keep some consumables and tools for members to use. The stands may have tools attached and may have a pump also, we have received installation instructions for the stand that suggest this is the case but we are trying to confirm this. So suggestions for the locker would be; puncture patches, wipes, lubricant / oil, barrier cream / Swafega / disposable gloves.

We do have funds to purchase the lockers but we will need to decide how to fund items in the lockers on an ongoing basis – something for the AGM, which will be held soon.

Please let HarBUG know whether you think this is a good idea or not and any suggestions for items to be stored in the locker. Items in the locker would be for general cycling use not for specific cycles or cycle genres or advanced repairs.