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Route 44 Upgrade Final

Route 44 Upgrade

In May 2011 Sustrans route 44, which runs from Didcot to Wantage via the Harwell Campus, was upgraded to the West of the Harwell Campus, in the Wantage direction. New drainage pipes have been laid and the route re-surfaced on the stretches that were badly rutted and damaged. HarBUG was instrumental in facilitating the work […]

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Curie Avenue Entrance

New Cross Campus Route

In May 2011, following the removal of fencing from the former secure site a new North South corridor has opened up linking the two halves of the campus for the first time. A new cross campus route running from Sustrans route 44 through to Fermi Avenue is now realised. This provides a more direct route […]

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Cycle Facilities Design Guide

In February 2008 a cycle facilities design guide was published and sent to various companies and contacts around the campus along with a covering letter. The design guide was produced to try and ensure that high quality cycle facilities are included in any new buildings or refurbishments. The covering letter also encourages companies to set […]

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