Backhill Tunnel Now Open

The Backhill Tunnel inbetween Milton Park and Milton Gate (on theĀ  A4130 at the start of the Milton Interchange from Didcot) is now open for cyclists.

HarBUG has been keen to see this link open as it is a key for future cycle routes to the Campus from Abingdon avoiding the Milton Interchange. The next stage will see a dedicated crossing on the A4130 due in spring next year.

As Didcot expands there will be a cycle path from the new crossing to an unused bridge across the A34 to Cow Lane / Townsend in Harwell Village and onto the Winnaway. Another cycle path will lead to a new cycle / pedestrian bridge across the A34 to Milton Heights.

The tunnel was saved from permanent closure because a waste pipe (now redundant) from the Harwell Campus Magnox site to the Thames ran through it. The route of the pipe through Milton Park has not been built on either and plans are being investigated to see if this land could be converted to a cycle path and link onto Abingdon.

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