Proposed Wantage Road Cyle Lanes

Update 25th March

A draft HarBUG response to the Wantage Road Cycle Lane proposal can be found here: HarBUG-Wantage-Road-Cycle-Lanes-2018.pdf

If you have any comments / observations please email at:

The County Council have a consultation open for proposed cycle lanes on Wantage Road in Didcot. These plans have been re-designed following our objections to the original designs proposed last year.

The new cycle lanes are a much better design and the kind of cycle lanes we have been asking for. They are a hybrid lane i.e. separate lanes on both sides of the road with a raised kerb and small height difference between the carriageway and cycle lane.

This type of cycle lane is common in Europe and now being used in the U.K. They have recently been built at Headington in Oxford along The Slade. Wantage Road will be the second installation in Oxfordshire.

The designs are not perfect, there are space constraints and existing restrictions but cyclists will have priority crosssing junctions. The design is in line with Didcot Garden plans and has future scope for extension to Harwell village and Didcot town centre.

HarBUG is minded to support the plans. It is important for the whole of the Science Vale to get this type of cycle infrastructure built and become the norm for cycle lane design in the area.

You can comment on the consultation by following the links below. HarBUG has full sized A0 prints of the scheme if you would like a detailed look please contact to arrange viewing.

Consultation can be found here: B4493 Wantage Road Cycle Lanes Consultation

Plans for the western end of the cycle lanes (pdf): B4493_Wantage_Road_Proposed_Cycle_Provision_West

Plans for the eastern end of the cycle lanes (pdf): B4493_Wantage_Road_Proposed_Cycle_Provision_East

Please support the proposals. HarBUG will be sending a response but the more support we can get the more likely the plans will be passed. We anticipate some objections from Wantage Road residents and businesses. Please comment individually as well as letting HarBUG know your views.