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Oxfordshire County Council Cycling Motion

A motion to call for the County Council to take more action on cycling is being put forward on the 6th November. Please contact your County Councillor asking them to support the motion and get cycling taken seriously as a transport option or even to get OCC to follow it’s own published documents..

You can find and contact your County Councillor here:      Oxfordshire County Councillors.

If you don’t live in Oxfordshire, please email the County Councillor for Harwell and Hendreds, which covers the Harwell Campus.

The motion reads as follows:

This Council recognises our ambition to achieve economic growth whilst improving the health and wellbeing of communities in Oxfordshire. Active travel provides an effective mechanism to achieve such goals, with potential to co-deliver multiple social, environmental and economic benefits. This council has recognised in LTP4 the importance of investment in sustainable transport and shares the Government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy ambition to double cycling by 2025. Cognizant of Andrew Gilligan’s recent recommendations to the National Infrastructure Commission, it now wishes to accelerate progress towards this goal. This Council therefore calls upon the Cabinet Member for Environment to:

i) Apply Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) to agree a prioritised and costed Strategic Active Travel Network (SATN), building on work of the Oxfordshire Cycle Network.

ii) Actively seek capital and revenue funding for SATN delivery through local and national sources. 

iii) Assess what co-benefits could be gained by allocating a fraction of local transport funds to active travel infrastructure (e.g. 5 or 10%) following best practice examples.

iv)Use and enforce planning powers and influence more proactively and effectively to achieve beneficial active travel outcomes.

v) Establish a framework to oversee quality control of all active travel infrastructure projects in accordance with the Oxfordshire Cycling Design Standards, from inception through planning to implementation, ensuring all proposals are audited for safety and encouragement of active travel.

iv)Use innovative data sources and technologies to identify active travel patterns and latent demand, and to monitor and increase effectiveness of interventions.

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    On the 6th November a motion is being put to the County Council to support cycling. Please email your Councillor to support the motion.

    [See the full post at: Oxfordshire County Council Cycling Motion]

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    A gentle reminder, please email your County Councillor and ask them to support the motion for the Council to support cycling and active travel.
    The motion is being put to the Council on Tuesday so please don’t delay contacting your Councillor.


    Kevin Wilkinson
    HarBUG Chair

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