Oxfordshire County Council

Improving Transport for Didcot and the Surrounding Area

UPDATE; Please find a draft of the HarBUG response to the County Council’s proposals here: HarBUG Didcot Transport 2018

If you have any comments on the proposals please contact HarBUG at chair@harbug.org.uk

The County Council has a consultation open for improving transport for Didcot and the surrounding area.

You can download the proposed package of improvements and comment here: Didcot Transport Proposals

The consultation closes on the 25th November and there is a public exhibition on Saturday 17th November in the Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot.

The proposals are all road schemes with cycle paths running alongside. Details are a still missing on the cycle paths so at the moment these are intentions. On the cycling side, it will bring a direct cycle path from Didcot to Culham, which is good.

Are building new roads the answer to traffic problems? Evidence suggests not and the proposals seem to fly in the face of the County Council’s own stated policy of reducing car use. If your stuck queuing to get across Clifton Hampden bridge every day these plans will seem like a godsend, but for how long and are the queues just going to be moved to the next pinch point?

As a cycling group, HarBUG will send a response to the proposals mainly concerned about the planned cycle paths. We most likely won’t comment on whether the road proposals are the best way forward.

Please feel free to comment directly to the consultation at the OCC website.

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