Didcot Area Infrastructure Improvements Update

Oxfordshire County Council have started a consultation on a package of infrastructure improvements (roads) in the Didcot area (not in the town), they are:

  • A4130 dualling from Milton Interchange towards Didcot.
  • New Science Bridge, crossing the A4130, railway line and Milton road and running onto Didcot Northern Relief Road (A4130).
  • New Thames Crossing from Didcot to A415 near Culham Science Centre.
  • Clifton Hampden bypass.

In reality these projects all join together to make one big scheme. There was supposed to be a series of public exhibitions but these have been cancelled. You can look at all the exhibition display boards on the consultation web page here: Didcot Area Infrastructure Improvements.

There are lots of pictures of happy cyclists, we need to check that the cycling provision is what is to be expected in the 21st century. The Oxfordshire Local Transport Plan specifically calls for the reduction on the reliance of private motor transport, so how does a big road scheme like this square with that aim?

The consultation ends on 30th April. HarBUG will be responding to the consultation but please feel free to put your own response in or email HarBUG with your opinions, especially w.r.t. cycling infrastructure provision.