Ginge Brook Bridge Milestone

A major milestone on the new Campus to Wantage cycle route has been reached. The Ginge Brook Bridge structure has been lifted into place. The bridge is not open for use and the project completion date is March 2021. It is great to see things taking shape. The rest of the route is progressing very well with many sections of path that look complete. However the County Council have asked cyclists not to use these sections yet (they are closed) as there is a snagging / defect fixing period required after the whole route is completed.

Chilton Hill Traffic Free Signs

HarBUG has mounted signs along the Sustrans route 544 (Hawking Way) to inform people that the Chilton Road section is now traffic free, hopefully encouraging more cyclists to go beyond Upton village from didcot direction. The signs are in Didcot, Upton and at the A4185 crossing at the Campus.