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      As part of the preliminary application to change the status of the Winnaway into a bridleway the following questions need to be answered:

      1) Has anyone ever been stopped or turned back when using the path?
      2) Has anyone ever been told that the path was not public?
      3) Has there ever been any notices such as ‘private’ or ‘no public rights of way’?
      4) Has anyone ever been given permission to use the path?

      If you have experience of any of the above questions, please could you email details to We must be honest and open with our application so please get in contact if you have experienced any of the above questions.

      Personally, I have not been stopped but on two or three occasions some walkers have stated that I should not be cycling on the Winnaway. This has happened since the upgrade. I usually explain, politely, that the upgrades happened as part of the Winnaway Cycle Improvement Plan. I have not been told that the path was not public.


      Kevin Wilkinson
      HarBUG Chair

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