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      I am currently cycling from Wantage to campus on a brompton electric bike. I have had 5 punctures in the last 3 months because of this I am thinking about getting a new bike that might be better suited to the paths on my route. I don’t know very much about bikes so any suggestions on what kind of bike would be best please let me know.

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      I cycle an electric Brompton from Didcot Parkway.

      I too had a spate of punctures with the original tyres and have since switched to Schwalbe Marathon Plus as their most puncture resistant tyre.

      It’s at the limit of what the Brompton can cope with but I haven’t seen anything yet to convince me that any other train friendly folding electric bike is better.

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      Hello, Lydia, I ride Wantage to campus on same route. Much respect to you for doing it on a Brompton! I also recommend Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres for puncture resistance. Use the 26 x 1.75 inch size on my commuting bike. Continental Touring Plus also good – not sure if they come in right size for a Brompton. Worth a try before going to the expense of another bicycle.

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      Hi, I had punctures on my Brompton until I learnt form a cycle shop that you have to keep the tyres pumped up to at least 6 bar. I haven’t had a puncture since doing that.

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      As mentioned by a couple of others a few things you can do;

      Schwalbe Marathon (or Marathon Plus) Tires – not performance oriented but pretty hard to kill
      Slime/sealant filled inner tubes
      Make sure your tires are inflated above the minimum listed on the tire sidewall.

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