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      It appears that the orchard at the bottom of the Winnaway has created a new vehicle access through the hedge directly onto the tarmac track. It’s got really bad visibility and there appears to be HGV/forklifts using it. You might want to go a bit slower than usual as it doesn’t seem very safe at the moment.

      I’m not sure if this is linked to any of the planning applications in the area or if it is something new but I’ve emailed the Vale to ask.

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      To be honest, I find the bottom section of the Winnaway to be the most potentially dangerous anyway, as its surface is so cycle-unfriendly – holes, gravel, some quite sizeable lumps of rock – the usual suspects.

      Therefore it’s near this bottom section that I take the most care (going up or coming down) as, other vehicles notwithstanding (fork-lifts now!), that’s probably the place where I’m going to have a wobble, if anywhere.

      Thanks, NP, for the heads-up.

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        @HueyS @NP Thanks for warning, there was a trailer on the road today.
        I have written to the Council about the end of the Winnaway but told its not their problem, I guess its no ones problem until someone has a serious accident. Its ludicrous that there is not a 5m long strip of surface.

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      A warning to anyone cycling this route: Some bricks have been delivered to someone at the bottom of the Winnaway. These have been stacked by the side of the cycle path, some of which are two-loads high and are tilting over the path. Not particularly safe.

      Also, if this new entry isn’t the Council’s problem, who built the cycle path?

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      The new entrance on the Winnaway is being investigated as a breach of planning.

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