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      This was in the STFC internal newsletter this week. Posting it here too, in case anyone has a bike at RAL and hasn’t seen that:

      In response to concerns over abandoned bikes at our RAL site, which are taking up needed space for cyclists, RAL Security are re-commencing a bike tagging scheme.

      The scheme will begin this week and Security will tag all bikes with a green tag. Bikes that are in use will have those tags removed by their owners. Bikes that do not have tags removed, after 30 days, will have a red tag applied.

      Following a further 30 days, if these tags are still present, the bike will be transferred into the Security storage unit. Security will issue a notice, via staff chat, when a bike is transferred to the storage unit. An additional 14 days will be given for ownership to be claimed. A bike will be considered as abandoned if there is no claim after these successive periods.

      The purpose is to identified those bikes which have been left for a sustained period, to remove the bike and await a claim of ownership. If a bike is not claimed, it will be removed from site. This approach is designed to be proportionate and fair, with the notice period and stages, for staff who have left bikes on site but also to staff who need to have current use of bike storage facilities.

      If you have any queries about the scheme, please contact RAL Security.

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      This is a good idea. There are a couple of bikes where I leave my bike. Both are rusty and covered in Cobwebs.

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