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      This was posted on the Harwell facebook page earlier today and I thought I’d spread the reminder a bit. Please slow down around horses and give them a shout to let the horse and rider know you are there. We don’t want to see new tarmac routes being denied because of worries over inappropriate speed or inconsiderate riding.

      “Whilst riding my horse down the Winnaway this afternoon, I was passed by 3 cyclists from behind. I can’t hear or see you and would ask PLEASE, that you let all horse riders know you are there and slow down before overtaking. 2 came past so fast and didn’t heed or respond to a request from me to slow down. The third did and we thanked each other.
      With the now near perfect surface for cyclists, the speed that you can build up as you come down the hill toward the rec is faster than most cars would overtake a horse (well the ones with sensible drivers) on the 417 and whilst the majority of horses aren’t spooked by bikes, SOME ARE TERRIFIED of them so please show a little courtesy and slow down.”

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      HarBUG did bring this to members attention when the Winnaway was re-opened.
      On a post dated the 31st January we wrote:
      “The path now allows you to cycle a lot faster, especially down the hill. Please slow down and be courteous to other users of the path when passing, give them a cheery thanks. Use your bell to let other users know you are there. As a cyclists you are obliged to give way to pedestrians and horses on Bridleways (although it is not a Bridleway we should act as though it is). For more information about passing horses, always tricky, see the following British Horse Society web page:”

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