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      In the name of encouraging people to cycle to work rather than driving, was it really necessary to install speed bumps across the full width of the road (like on Second St at Maxwell Ave)? A bit of a gap at the sides would not compromise its purpose but it would be much more comfortable for cyclists.

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      I hadn’t come across that one.

      RAL has double speed bumps on the way in and out past security now. You can pass them on the left, but then you have to right-angle across the road to swipe in and out of site. I’ve raised the RAL ones with Health and Safety and with Estates, asking for a gap on the right or a site pass reader on the left. They are plastic and not fixed to the road and I don’t trust them to cycle over, not on a tourer.

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      I think the speed bump is the one by the new DiSH food area. The speed bump is there to get services across to DiSH, hopefully this is a temporary arrangement and a more permanent solution will be sorted once it is open. I have noticed that the hump has been changed to a less abrupt type.

      Everybody can enjoy this speed hump next Wednesday by joining the Campus Cycle to Work Day next Wednesday (22nd Sept) where the free breakfasts will be served at the DiSH food area on it’s opening day.

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