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      I sadly had my black specialized road bike stolen from the RAL campus (bike shelter at the side of R3) somewhere between the afternoon of the 20th and afternoon of the 23rd of November. I foolishly didn’t have it locked up, as I wrongly thought it would be safe on a secure gated facility. The bike was worth close to £1000 so I’m pretty devastated about the prospect of replacing it.

      There have been contractors working on my building all weekend, so I am of course suspicious that it may have been them, given that a van would have been required to take it off site (Security did not see anyone riding off on it).

      I thought I would post just to warn others, as I have noticed a lot of other bikes are also unlocked. I also hoped people might be able to keep vigilant in case they see someone riding the bike. It is jet black and have specialized written in grey on the frame, and also I believe has continental tyres. Also if anyone has any advice about ways to attempt to track it, other than to look on gum tree and facebook market place, it would be much appreciated.

      Many thanks, Jeff.

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      A bit of a long shot but I used to work on a similarly large secure site and it was not unheard of for unlocked bikes to be borrowed and left somewhere else on site. It might be worth your while checking around the STFC and the wider campus.

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        Thank you, that’s actually quite a good idea. Definitely worth a try. I will have a look around today.

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