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      The County Council have removed the ramps in the cycle lane that were being used by Barkers Funeral Directors. However they have not provided a solution to the problem of the lack of dropped kerbs. Mr. Barker has contacted us to say that he will need to leave a vehicle in the cycle lane so that he can access his business 24 hours a day, he apologises for this but it is the only way he can operate due to him not being able to getting his hearses onto his forecourt.
      We have written to the County Councillors supporting Mr. Barker’s bid for dropped kerbs and he has contacted many people to no avail at the moment.

      Please be patient with the car blocking the lane we will try and get this sorted as soon as possible. Hopefully others won’t think it is OK to park in the lanes.


      Kevin Wilkinson
      HarBUG Chair

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