Campus Leads Cycle Challenge

After week 1 (of 3) of the Oxfordshire Cycle Challenge the latest results are in.

Campus based organisations are leading three of the six categories and are all over the results chart, proving that cycling is alive and well outside Oxford.



As of Monday evening:

  • STFC-RAL were at the top spot in the 500+ employees category
  • STFC, ISIS department were top of the 200 to 499 employees category with RSRL in third place, Diamond Science division in fourth and Diamond Light Source in fifth.
  • RSRL, RETP department are leading the 7 to 19 employees category.
  • AEA, Nuvia and the NDA are also in the challenge.

However the challenge is still on and other county based organisations will be trying to chase the top spot. Oxford University, IT department did temporarily knock STFC, ISIS off on Friday.

It’s all about participation so if you have signed up for the challenge but not logged any trips please try and do so and if you can encourage any others to join in that would be great.