Compulsory Wearing of Cycle Helmets – HarBUG Statement

Following the introduction of the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets when cycling in the Harwell secure site there was a resolution at the A.G.M. for HarBUG to make a statement of the groups view on cycle helmets.

The following statement on the use of cycle helmets was agreed:

HarBUG does not support the compulsory use of cycle helmets and believes it must be left to the choice of the individual cyclist whether to wear a helmet or not.


It was decided to keep the statement short and to the point and not to start putting any reasons into the statement.

Full minutes of the A.G.M. will be published shortly.

Don’t forget if you want to comment on this statement or the compulsory use of cycle helmets a topic has been started in the website ‘latest news’ forum.

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