Didcot – Wantage Road Cycleways

HarBUG has produced a leaflet to explain how the new cycleways, currently being built along Wanatge Road in Didcot, will work. We have produced, published and paid for the leaflet as the ‘hybrid’ stepped cycle lanes are new to Didcot and we thought it would be good if they were explained to Wantage Road users and residents.

‘Hybrid’ stepped lanes run either side of the carriageway and have a short height kerb between the cycle lane and the road. This means that cyclists have the same rights and priorities as if they were on the main carriageway. The stepped lanes are mandatory cycle lanes i.e. motorised vehicles are not permitted to drive or park in them although it is not mandatory for cyclists to use them. There are sections of advisory cycle lanes, marked by dashed white lines, by the petrol station where there is not enough width to fit separate cycle lanes in. Motorists can drive in the advisory cycle lanes if there are no cyclists in them, they will need to in order to maintain two way traffic.

The leaflet can be downloaded here: Wantage Road Cycleways

We will be delivering the leaflets to all Wantage Road residents and nearby streets. We hope that shops along Wanatge Road and Didcot Girls’ School will have the leaflets available for their customers / students.