Local Transport Plan 5 & Abingdon LCWIP

Local Transport Plan 5

The County Council are consulting on a new Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP5). HarBUG has responded to previous plans, LTP3 and LTP4 and we will be responding to this latest version. We will compile a list of new projects and upgrades to existing routes. We will publish this list in the next couple of weeks for HarBUG members to comment and contribute to. Please feel free to (and be encouraged to) respond to LTP5 as an individual. The consultation closes on Wednesday 16th March.

The main website for LTP5 can be found here: Local Transport and Connectivity Plan | Let’s Talk Oxfordshire

There are a lot of documents covering all areas of transport but focussing on cycling the main documents are: Draft Active and Healthy Travel Strategy (AHTS) and  Draft LCTP Walking and Cycling. Also worth a look is the full Draft Local Transport and Connectivity Plan pages 155 to 157 which details progress so far on the Science Vale Cycle Network (now Science Vale Active Transport Network). 


Abingdon LCWIP

HarBUG has been invited to be part of the Abingdon Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) steering group. We are looking for a HarBUG member, preferably an Abingdon resident, who can contribute to LCWIP with a view to improving cycle routes to the Harwell Campus and Science Vale. The first meeting is an MS Teams meeting on Monday 21st February from 16:00 to 17:30. If any member would like to represent HarBUG on the steering group and contribute to better cycling infrastructure in Abingdon please contact us: chair@harbug.org.uk.

There will be LCWIPs for Didcot and Wantage / Grove being compiled in the near future.


Cycle to Work Day

We are planning a Campus Cycle to Work Day at the end of March. Date and details to be confirmed but keep a look out for details.