Valley Park Roundabout – HarBUG Response

HarBUG has responded to the latest Valley Park planning consultation focussing on the proposed ‘Mega’ roundabout inbetween Didcot and Harwell village. You can view our response: HarBUG Valley Park – Jan 2021.

See also our previous post: Valley Park Roundabout – Planning Application.

Please object to the Valley Park planning application, stating your objection to the roundabout design, using the web form at the bottom of the application web page: P14/V2873/O.

Please also forward your response to the County and District Councillors for Harwell:

The closing date for comments is the 22nd January 2021, please take the time to respond and support a change in the design for the roundabout. This may be the last chance we have to formally comment on the design.